About Association

Who We Are?

We are a non-profit cultural association.
The registered office of the association is established in Luxembourg, 11A, Boulevard Joseph II, L-1840 Luxembourg.


The association’s purpose is to promote and spread the Azerbaijani culture in Luxembourg and around the world.

The Association intends:

to promote Azerbaijani
history and culture

to provide information, offering a large
network of relations, contacts, shared
experience and research

to help Azerbaijani artists, writers, singers, storytellers, dancers, painters and musicians become known in the world

The activities of the KARABAGH Association shall in particular include the following:

organization of an information desk, which would include cultural and touristic documentation by means of creating a website, publishing of journals, works and giving any other support to spread information about Azerbaijan

publication, distribution and promotion of books, newsletters, newspapers, magazines and moreover of any physical or digital media content and data carriers related to cultural and historical events

organization of meetings and trips that can develop cultural relations between the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Azerbaijan in the cultural and historical spheres

organization of seminars and of various cultural and historical events in order to promote Azerbaijani traditions